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Sound Treatment



SoundShield is becoming the go-to name in sound deadening across North America, and eventually, the world. Our industry leading formula and triple layer composition make it an unbeatable solution for any premium sound environment and need. It was designed and developed by installers for installers and we've spent thousands of hours in R&D perfecting not only the product itself, but developing the installation techniques, our proprietary template system, working with other installers on troubleshooting and refining, and much more.

Our new brand reflects the state of the art and premium approach to our product. Our marketing collateral, sales tools, and retail solutions make SoundShield something that any custom aftermarket shop can be proud to represent and whose customers will be excited to support. If you want to be a part of the SoundShield revolution, now is the time to become an official dealer for your market and start promoting and making money with SoundShield!

Ready to be a part of


Fill out this dealer request form and our team will follow up for a consultation to see if your company fits our criteria. It's not an exact science, but things our team will be considering may include:

    how many other retailers within your

    direct vicinity already sell SoundShield


    Whether or not your shop's products and

    services are a good fit to successfully carry

    the SoundShield brand


    Whether or not you and your team are ready

    to commit the time for training and to continue

    to grow sales of the product to effectively

    increase it's demand and value in your area.

Please upload a copy of your current and valid Business License (or) Resell Certificate.

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I acknowledge and agree that by submitting this form I authorize a representative from SoundShield to follow up with me directly for further consultation.

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Sound Treatment


We're proud of our product and the relationships we forge with our dealers. You won't find SoundShield on Amazon or Ebay. Why? Because price protection is a priority for us and we want to make sure our dealers see the value firsthand in representing our product in their stores and that that value turns into revenue. Not just nickels and dimes, but real margins that are worth the effort and investment in our brand.

Sound Treatment

What does it mean to be a Mobile Solutions Certified Product?

Mobile Solutions has been an integral part of the automotive aftermarket industry for over 20 years, specializing in manufacturing and engineering products and solutions to make custom audio fabrication and installation more efficient and more precise. Getting it right is what Mobile Solutions is all about and why SoundShield chose to partner with them to harness that experience and commitment to quality. We're proud to be the first recipient of the newly coveted Mobile Solutions Certified Product seal of approval.

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