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Sound Treatment



Sound Treatment

Dalton Trainer sits with the F350 he just finished installing a full SoundShield upgrade in for superior sound damping.


I always like to do business with companies that have exceptional dealer support. Companies that care about quality and want the absolute best experience for their dealer and customers. I find myself drawn to certain companies when I attend trade shows because they treat you like family. SoundShield is definitely one of those companies.


Dalton Trainer

CAR-TUNES, INC.  |  Greenville , MS

In Greenville, MS, the family-owned Car-Tunes, Inc. sells and installs high end car audio systems complete with generous utilization of SoundShield noise control and damping material. Lead installation technician Dalton Trainer, also a Top 12 Installer of the Year finalist, sat down with us at SoundShield to share his thoughts on selling the SoundShield category effectively, what he likes about the product, what’s in his own vehicle, some of his professional mentors and much more!

Dalton Trainer has been installing professionally for roughly the last 10 years, although he says he was learning installation way before that. “My mother and shop owner, Kimberly Trainer, bought Car-Tunes, Inc. when I was about 5-6 years old, so I literally grew up in car audio” comments Dalton. At a young age he developed a deep love for what he now does at a professional level.

Dalton and his team sell SoundShield by showing clients their Better Sound display with two scenarios, each with identical speakers; an untreated mounting baffle and one with SoundShield treatment. The display also has an integrated LCD screen that lists key reasons why sound treatment in a vehicle is critical. “First we demo the untreated scenario. It sounds okay. Very lacking in midbass response and has a lot of resonance to the panel. Next we demonstrate the SoundShield-treated scenario with substantial midbass response, tonal accuracy and zero resonance. Immediately the client says I need this” remarks Dalton.

As far as his installation specialty, Dalton says he’s a well-rounded installation technician from start to finish and can handle all aspects. Integrating seamlessly into the vehicle and holding himself to higher standards than OEM is his sweet spot. He says enthusiastically “I love displaying my clean wiring in installations and using my abilities to integrate with OEM audio systems most.” Indeed this dedication got him named as one of the Top 12 Installer of the Year candidates in 2020.


It’s not just the special installs, though. Dalton also subscribes to the importance of sound deadening even the most basic of deck and four installs or simple entry-level components. Even damping their custom-built subwoofer enclosures where wall thickness is minimal to help increase overall airspace for the subwoofer is important due to the risk of audible resonance. Using SoundShield in all of these situations only helps whatever audio system is installed at Car-Tunes, Inc. “This is especially true in entry-level vehicles that lack much noise control from the factory” adds Dalton.

Dalton credits a lot of guidance from influencers and mentors like Matt Schaeffer and Bryan Schmitt, among others. This includes Car-Tunes, Inc’s revised and efficient shop setup. Dalton explains “Matt Schaeffer is one of my biggest influencers and I’m fascinated how his builds are done to the highest standards. It’s an inspiration for sure.” Dalton continues “Bryan [Schmitt] opened my eyes to so many elevated fabrication techniques and ways to become a top installer, including influencing how we revised our shop to be more efficient and professional in appearance. There are a bunch of other professionals who took – and still take time – to help me grow professionally.” Dalton has also made many lifelong friends through attendance at professional trainings and trade shows including well-known technicians like Adam Devine, Carlos Parra and Joe Giallombardo.

Dalton’s current vehicle is a 2018 Dodge Ram 1500 which he says, like most technicians’’ vehicles is a work in progress. He’s installed SoundShield original in each of the four doors (inner and outer skin, speaker baffle and spot-treating the door panel), the entire floor and rear wall. SoundShield SLIM was used in the roof. He’s also used SoundShield WrapIt to ensure wiring harnesses and other panel surfaces do not resonate or buzz from vibration.

Musically, Dalton Trainer is like a lot of car audio enthusiasts in that he has a broad variety of music in his arsenal. “Some of it is for demonstrations with different clientele, but a lot of it is music I like depending on what I’m doing” he revealed. One of his favorite demo songs is “Isn’t she lovely” by Livingston Taylor because it starts with a whistle that is a difficult to reproduce accurately. For a strong left-to-right jump and strong bass like, Dalton likes “Make us stronger by Ghost Rider Other go-to songs are “All of your love” by Sara K., “Gravity” by John Mayer and “Heaven” by Kem to name a few.

Car-Tunes, Inc. is successful at selling SoundShield because they believe it’s part of every demonstration and how a speaker – regardless of cost – can reach its full potential. Car-Tunes, Inc. offered three levels of treatment:

#1 Ethical Treatment. This is spot treatment in resonating areas and treating the speaker baffle itself.2

#2 Improved Treatment. This upgrade consists of treating the entire inner door skin (behind the panel itself), speaker baffle, and spot treating the door panel.

#3 Premier Treatment. This encompasses full inner and outer door skin treatment, speaker baffle, and heavy treatment on the backside of door panel itself.

When asked why Dalton and the Car-Tunes, Inc. organization choose a close business relationship with SoundShield, he replied “I always like to do business with companies that have exceptional dealer support. Companies that care about quality and want the absolute best experience for their dealer and customers. I find myself drawn to certain companies when I attend trade shows because they treat you like family. SoundShield is definitely one of those companies.”


Check out Car-Tunes, Inc. online or on Instagram.

As far as equipment, Dalton is currently running:


• A Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX source unit with a 10.1” screen sits in the factory dash location and connects with analog RCA inputs to a Mosconi 8-12 Aerospace DSP. A Mosconi AMAS 96K Bluetooth® module connects to the optical input on the DSP for streaming high resolution content.

• A Focal FDP 6.900 amplifier that powers Focal KX3 3-way components for the front stage – Midbass drivers in the door location and custom pillars for the 3” and tweeter

• A Focal FDP 4.600 that powers Focal ED165K 2-way components in the rear in the door location on channels 1-2 of the amplifier. Channels 3-4 power of the FDP 4.600 power two Focal 8 inch 100 OD8 outdoor speakers mounted under the truck. These play on an auxiliary DSP preset when Dalton is tailgating or having an outdoor gathering.

• A pair of Focal FDB 1.900 amplifiers each powers a Focal E 30KX 12 subwoofer under the rear seat in a custom-built enclosure, also treated with SoundShield original on the inside. 

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