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Sound Treatment

Rob Kowatch, winner of the 2022 Sales Pro of the Year award by Mobile Electronics, stands next to an acrylic backlit SoundShield display in their global headquarters located in Anchorage Alaska.


Rob is currently our Sales Manager at Perfectionist. He and I discussed his interest in growing his career path so we both felt taking on the Sales Manager role at SoundShield was a great fit.



Robert Kowatch Joins Team SoundShield as National Sales Manager

SOUNDSHIELD  |  Anchorage, Alaska

Rob Kowatch has been an integral part of growing business and retaining customers at Perfectionist Auto Sound and Security in Anchorage, Alaska for many years. So when John Schwartz, SoundShield CEO, wanted to shift focus from product development to sales growth their was only one logical approach... get Rob involved. If you're going to have a national award-winning sales pro on your team, you'd better make the most of that experience and those skills for all your endeavors.

Rob and John talked in length about their ideas, goals and most importantly approach to refining and strengthening a sales program with SoundShield. Sure, dealers have been joining #TeamSoundShield since day one and popularity and need for our industry leading sound deadening products is steady, but growth is a key element of success. That's what Rob's role and focus will be as part of SoundShield, to create and manage that growth in revenue and customer and dealer relations.

In early 2022 Rob was recognized and honored by Mobile Electronics Magazine and their voter base as the 2022 Sales Pro of the Year for the entirety of North America for his work with Perfectionist
. So Rob's experience in the 12-Volt Industry and his approach and philosophies in sales will be an integral asset to that process.

When it comes to sales, Rob will tell you his philosophies are as follows:

1. Be genuine and be honest.

2. Have good energy and enthusiasm.

3. You gotta know your product.

4. Be adaptable to every type of situation or customer.

5. Listen to the customers wants and needs.

6. Always follow through and over deliver.

7. Follow up after the sale.

SoundShield is proud to be the sound deadening product of choice created by installers and asked for by installers. The biggest influence that has contributed to industry confidence in and demand for our product has been having the right people on our team.


This started with John, CEO of SoundShield who brought over 25 years of industry and entrepreneurial experience with a keen sense of business acumen. His partnership with Bryan Schmitt, a leader in automotive aftermarket innovation helped give legs and reach to a product concept John was passionate about. John brought on Don Poynter, his longtime trusted and award-winning branding and design specialist to give the concept a face and creative structure, solidifying it in the real world. He brought on his 12-volt brother and prodigy Aaron Garcia to oversee continued product advancement. He brought Eddie Butler into the mix for his logistical prowess and to oversee operations in order fulfillment.

Now, once again, John grows the team with the best there is by bringing Rob Kowatch on board to oversee sales and customer relations. If there ever was a recipe for success, that is it. Bring the best people you know with the right skills you need together to make magic happen.

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